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Code Webstore Ordering + Pricing
DGMLP Men's Dri Ger Melange Polo
WDGMLP Ladies Dri Gear Melange Polo
DGDP Men's Dri Gear DiMen'sions Polo
WDGDP Ladies Dri Gear DiMen'sions Polo
WRWP (HZ13) Ladies Waffle Zip Polo
RWP (HZ25) Men's Retro Waffle Polo
JO (HZ48) Men's Balmoral Polo
WJO (HZ49) Ladies Balmoral Polo
DGAXP Men's Axis Dri-Gear Polo
WDGAXP Ladies Axis Dri-Gear Polo
DGHP (HZ106) Men's Hype Dri-Gear Polo
WDGHP (HZ107) Ladies Hype Dri-Gear Polo
DGSP (HZ113) Zenith Unisex Dri-Gear Polo - 4XS-2XS
DGSP (HZ113) IMPACT Zenith Unisex Dri-Gear Polo - WXS-5XL
DGSUP (HZ125)Unisex Coolmax Dri-Gear Polo
DGPO (HZ127) Unisex Dri-Gear Piped Instinct Polo
DGRFP Youth Dri-Gear Reflex Polo 4XS-2XS
DGRFP Unisex Dri-Gear Reflex Polo XS-5XL
PCP (HZ131) Men's Pinacool Eco Polo
WPCP (HZ132) Ladies Pinacool Eco Polo
DGCP (HZ133) Men's Dri-Gear Pinnacle Polo
WDGCP (HZ134) Ladies Dri-Gear Pinnacle Polo
DGLHP (HZ137) Dri-Gear Long Sleeve Hype Polo
DGOL (HZ156) Men's Dri-Gear Ottoman Light Polo
WDGOL (HZ157) Ladies Dri-Gear Ottoman Light Polo
QDP (HZ158) Men's Quantum Duo Polo
WQDP (HZ159) Ladies Quantum Duo Polo
DGCHP (HZ171) Youth Dri Gear Challenger Polo 4XS-2XS
DGCHP (HZ171) Unisex Dri Gear Challenger Polo XS-5XL
VP (HZ172) Youth Victory Polo
VP (HZ172) Victory Polo
DGMP (HZ173) Men's Dri Gear Matrix Polo
WDGMP (HZ174) Ladies Dri Gear Matrix Polo
DGP (HZ198) Men's Dri-Gear Active Polo
WDGP (HZ199) Ladies Dri-Gear Active Polo
DGP (HZ198) Men's Blitz Dri-Gear Active Polo
WDGP (HZ199) Ladies Blitz Dri-Gear Active Polo
DGIP (HZ206) Dri-Gear Insert Polo
DGEP Men's Dri-Gear Eyelet Polo
DGTP Men's Dri-Gear Trimmed Polo
DGFP (HZ215) Men's Dri-Gear Fairway Polo
WDGFP (HZ216) Ladies Dri-Gear Fairway Polo
EP (HZ217) Men's Eclipse Polo
WEP (HZ218) Ladies Eclipse Polo
DGVQP (HZ229) Men's Dri-Gear Vanquish Polo
WDGVQP (HZ230) Ladies Dri-Gear Vanquish Polo
DGVPP Men's Dri-Gear Vapour Polo
WDGVPP Ladies Dri-Gear Vapour Polo
DGZP Youth Dri-Gear Zone Polo 4XS-2XS
DGZP Men's Dri-Gear Zone Polo XS-5XL
FP (HZ231) Men's Fusion Polo
WFP (HZ232) Ladies Fusion Polo
DGKP (HZ233) Men's Dri-Gear Kinetic Polo
WDGKP (HZ234) Ladies Dri-Gear Kinetic Polo
MHP Men's Manhattan Polo
WMHP Ladies Manhattan Polo
RBJ Adult Rugby Jersey

T Shirts / Singlets

Code Webstore Ordering + Pricing
DGT (HZ100) Men's Viper Dri-Gear Tee
WDGT (HZ101) Ladies Viper Dri-Gear Tee
DGLS Adult Dri-Gear Long Sleeve Tee
DGTT Adult Dri-Gear Twin Piped Tee
DGZT Youth Dri-Gear Zone Tee 4XS-2XS
DGZT Adult Dri-Gear Zone Tee XS-5XL
DGS (HZ148) Men's Plain Dri-Gear Contrast Singlet
DGS (HZ148) Men's Active Dri-Gear Contrast Singlet
WDGS (HZ149) Ladies Plain Dri-Gear Contrast Singlet
WDGS (HZ149) Ladies Active Dri-Gear Contrast Singlet
DGST (HZ170) Youth Dri Gear Spliced Zenith Tee 4XS-XXS
DGST (HZ170) Dri Gear Spliced Zenith Tee S-5XL
DGST (HZ170) Impact Dri Gear Zenith Tee
DGSS (HZ176) Men's Dri Gear Zenith Singlet
WDGSS (HZ182) Ladies Dri Gear Zenith Singlet
DGR (HZ207) Men's Dri-Gear Plain Raglan Tee
WDGR (HZ208) Ladies Dri-Gear Plain Raglan Tee